TS Mules, although located in Utah, travel extensively throughout the USA. We have attended several of their Clinics, which we highly recommend. Ty Evans has won two consecutive Mule Trainer's Challenges, and he makes the information in their clinics fun and understandable. They also have a full array of training DVD's if you can't get to one of their clinics.

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florida MULEs - Friends and Links

 We also highly recommend Brad Cameron's self study courses. Available at "www.muletrainer.com" or at "www.BradCameron.com". Of special interest is his new dvd Mulemanship 1, although all his other tapes are well worth purchasing. Natural horsemanship is great, but the horseman part is where some of the trainers get lost on Mules. They aren't quite the same. 

Nancy Slater is a Parelli Professional in Lake Wales, in the central Florida area.

She is also an
American Competitive Trail Horse Association 
National Champion

Contact her at:



​Call or E-Mail to Speak to us about your New Mule.

Call: Doug Ramey@ (727) 385-4948

E-Mail: doug@floridamules.com

Florida Mules .com

for info on the Harness pictured  in this photo, Contact:  WWW.DyerBuggyWorks.com

We wanted to share a few of our friends contact information. These folks have helped us with our Mules, training them from the foundation, to riding to driving.

Alain Boudreaux   (352) 238-0050  Alain is located on the edge of the Withlacoochee Forest near Brooksville, FL for easy access into the "woods" along with all the normal "road" work. Toby had his first lessons driving a cart with him.  Call Alain for more contact info.