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A little Mule History

In addition to being the father of our country, George Washington was an enlightened agriculturalist—a visionary who, early on, saw the true value of the mule. But right from the beginning, he faced a major obstacle. At the time, the Spanish Government prohibited acquisition of the legendary Andalusian donkey. However, in 1785, King Charles III of Spain presented Washington with a gift of two jacks and two jennets. One of the jacks died during the voyage, but the survivor, named Royal Gift, went on to sire an American dynasty that reshaped the very landscape of this country. By the early 1900s the mule population in this country had exploded to nearly six million. But with the advent of engine-powered vehicles, the mule’s once-critical role in agriculture and industry diminished. It’s estimated that, by the late 1960s, fewer than 10,000 mules existed in the United States, and many of those languished—unused, unnoticed and in danger of fading from our culture altogether.        Lucky Three Ranch - Website

Some of our recently placed mules.

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