At the Big Ass Ranch, in Windermere, Florida, they have a Jack standing at Stud named Dakota Rain.

He will cover Mares or Jennets. 

Stud fee $500 for Jennets

He's Out of:

Stevie, by PFC Preacher II X Petunia, granddaughter of Siemon's Glen

15 hands, 7 yrs old.. Heavy boned, draft type.

Contact info:

Susan @ 407-383-2085

Peter Fleck @ 407-724-1550

In Ocala, Florida, a friend has this gaited Jack standing at Stud. He will cover Mares or Jennets. 

Contact  her for more info

Breeding Jacks

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Call: Doug Ramey@ (727) 385-4948


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As we have said, it takes a male Donkey and a female Horse to create a Mule. You can go the other way around and create what is called a Hinny, but that is not as common. 

Although we no longer have Mr. Bill standing at stud, we have had several inquiries about alternatives. We have a few options if you would like to contact the owners for terms and details. 

Having said that, these folks are kinda picky about their prospective clients, for several good reasons. There are plenty of mules in rescues and kill pens, where people thought it would be cute, profitable, fun, you fill in the blank for a reason. If you are going to breed a Mule, make sure it will be an Excellent One